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the strength of zirconia wear-resistant ceramics


1.High wear resistance

 the main factor affecting wear resistance is hardness. 

ZTA wear-resistant ceramics to alumina as the main material, hardness can reach more than RHA85, anti-wear ability guaranteed. 

2. The impact resistance 

 the ordinary wear-resistant ceramics is weak, and it is easy to break in some high impact conditions, but the toughness of ZTA wear-resistant ceramics is greatly improved by adding zirconia on the basis of alumina, the ability to resist impact has been significantly enhanced. 

3. Acid-base corrosion resistance, anti-wear not only for physical wear, but also including acid-base corrosion. 

The main materials of ZTA wear-resistant ceramics,  Zirconia and α-AL2O3,are both stable oxides, 

which are not easy to react with acid and alkali. Because of its unique composition and sintering process,

 ZTA wear-resistant ceramics not only have excellent wear-resistant performance,

 but also have the advantages of high cost-performance ratio, 

light weight, easy installation and wide temperature-resistant range.

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