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ZTA zirconium aluminum composite ceramic lining


In modern industrial anti-wear engineering, alumina wear-resistant ceramics are widely used and highly praised anti-wear materials, but pure alumina ceramics also have the characteristics of poor toughness and weak impact resistance while having high hardness and wear resistance, which leads to a surge in the frequent operation cost of some high-impact position liner replacement After years of painstaking research, on the basis of alumina, a certain proportion of zirconia ceramic ingredients are added, and ZTA zirconia aluminum composite ceramic liner with high hardness and toughness is sintered through a variety of special processes. The product is a ZTA ceramic vulcanized in rubber by an advanced vulcanization process. Ceramic rubber can also be directly vulcanized on the steel plate, the steel plate with countersunk bolts, increase the firmness between the lining plate and the equipment, the rubber layer has good elasticity, and has good buffering ability for the impact of large materials

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