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Application of alumina ceramic lining plate and ceramic patches


Alumina ceramic wear-resistant ceramic tiles and ceramic patches have high hardness, excellent wear resistance, and good impact resistance. This type of brick and ceramic pad is installed on various equipment and pipelines using high-strength structural adhesive, forming excellent wear-resistant lining, which is highly welcomed by relevant manufacturers.

Wear resistant alumina ceramic sheets or plates are mainly used for equipment and pipelines in power plants, steel plants, cement plants and other enterprises, as well as equipment and pipelines in the powder making system of thermal power plants and the powder selection machine of cement plants. This demonstrates the excellent performance of the material factory and has achieved good results.

Aluminum oxide ceramics, as an excellent wear-resistant material, have been recognized in many engineering applications. By fully utilizing the wear and corrosion resistance of ceramics, coupled with reliable connection technology, ceramic wear-resistant materials can be applied in a wider range of fields.

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