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Firing technology of ceramics


The technical method of densifying the granular alumina wear resistant ceramic body and forming solid materials is called sintering. Sintering is a method to remove the voids between particles in the green body, remove a small amount of gas and impurities, and combine the particles to form new substances.

Electric furnace is the most widely used heating device for sintering. In addition to pressureless sintering, there are also hot pressing sintering and hot isostatic pressing sintering. Although continuous hot pressing sintering can increase the output, the cost of equipment and dies is too high. In addition, due to axial heating, the length of products is limited. Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) sintering uses high temperature and high pressure gas as the pressure transfer medium, which has the advantage of uniform heating in all directions, and is very suitable for sintering products with complex shapes. Due to the uniform structure, the material performance is 30~50% higher than that of cold pressed sintering. It is 10-15% higher than ordinary hot pressing sintering.


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