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Alumina ceramic bulletproof sheets


Bulletproof ceramics have become the new star of bulletproof industry, its high strength, high hardness and lower density than metal make it become a very popular bulletproof material alumina molecular formula Al O, This kind of bulletproof ceramic with α-Al O as the main material has a hardness of HRA88, a density of 3.9gcm3, a bending strength of >350MPA, an impact toughness of 2.2Jcm, and an elastic modulus of >317GPA. In the shooting test, the bullet-proof grade can reach the US standard four Alumina ceramic bulletproof plate is inserted in high strength and high modulus fiber composite plate used, its high specific stiffness High specific strength and chemical inertia in many environments make it almost no plastic deformation, when the high-speed projectile body collides with the ceramic layer, the ceramic layer breaks or cracks and diffuses around the impact point to consume most of the energy of the projectile body, and then the high modulus fiber composite plate further consumes the remaining energy of the projectile body, and the warhead will be passivated or even broken due to its own high strength and hardness characteristics From the perspective of material principle and target test, the application of aluminum oxide ceramic bulletproof plate in the armor system is very attractive, and it has become widely used in the protective armor of body armor vehicles, aircraft and other equipment

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