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How to improve the surface smoothness of alumina ceramics?


In order to improve the accuracy of products, most alumina ceramic materials require further precision processing after the sintering process to obtain higher surface smoothness. However, alumina ceramics are not ordinary materials after all. How can we do better?

Due to the high hardness of alumina ceramic materials, it is necessary to use harder grinding tile materials for polishing, such as silicon carbide, B4C, or diamond. In addition, the lubrication of the surface of alumina ceramic materials should be improved in advance during polishing.

In the precision machining of alumina ceramic materials, the commonly used method is to gradually polish from coarse to fine, and then polish the surface. When polishing, less than 1 can be selected μ Grind and polish Al203 micro powder or diamond slurry of m. Off course, laser processing and ultrasonic processing can also achieve the purpose of polishing alumina ceramics.

Perform the above precision processing to improve the surface smoothness of alumina ceramic materials, and then carry out processing to enhance the mechanical strength of alumina ceramics, which is known as alumina ceramic strengthening technology. In fact, advanced technologies such as electron beam vacuum coating, sputtering vacuum coating, or chemical vapor deposition are used to toughen the surface of alumina ceramics.

Through these methods, a layer of silicon compound film can be deposited on the surface of alumina ceramics, and alumina ceramics can be toughened by heating at 1200-1580 ℃ Practice has proven that reinforced alumina ceramics can significantly improve mechanical strength on the original basis, resulting in ultra-high strength alumina ceramics.

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