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The Packed Ceramic Balls has excellent acid and heat resistance and can be widely used in various corrosive and high temperature environments. It is the most ideal filler in the chemical, metallurgical, gas, petroleum and other industries. So, how should the stuffing ball be filled? Wear-resistant Alumina Supplier can tell you.

 First remove all the debris in the tower, and draw a horizontal line on the inner wall of the tower according to the filling ball and the top height of each layer of the catalyst as the paving height mark. Carefully inspect the filler spheres of different particle sizes, and store them according to the particle size indicated on the product packaging, and store them separately for paving.

 When paving the bottom layer of packing balls, care should be taken to avoid damage to other systems in the tower. The filling ball to be loaded shall be hoisted into the tower and then spread; when the filling ball is laid to the top level of the layer, the concrete shall be spread evenly, and the paving personnel shall not stand or walk directly on the supporting material. Should stand on the board. The number of operators operating in the tower should be as small as possible to avoid the movement of the filler sphere. After the next layer of paving is completed, a layer of catalyst or filler balls can be placed.

 The thickness of each layer of filler balls should be accurate and uniform. Use a squeegee or scraper to scrape the surface. The height should be the same as the horizontal height of the paving height mark.

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