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What is the advantages of ZTA zirconia toughed alumina ceramic tiles?


1. High hardness, second only to diamond, far more than wear-resistant steel and stainless steel;

2. Good wear resistance, 60% lower than that of alumina products;

3. Light weight, specific gravity 4.2g/cm3, greatly reducing the equipment load;

4. It has firm adhesion and good heat resistance. It is pasted on the inner wall of the equipment with heat-resistant adhesive. It can run for a long time at 350 ℃ without aging. The inorganic adhesive used for cemented products is wear-resistant at 750 ℃, and the adhesive has strong temperature resistance and adhesive force performance;

5. Strong impact resistance, combined with zirconia toughness and wear resistance, the fracture toughness is 20% higher than that of alumina products, and the bending strength is 70%, which greatly improves the impact of materials on equipment;

6. It has high cost performance, greatly increases the service life of the equipment and reduces the comprehensive production cost of the enterprise.

Application scope:

It is used for conveying systems, pulverizing systems, ash discharge and dust removal systems of thermal power, steel, smelting, machinery, coal, mining, chemical industry, cement, port and wharf, etc.


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