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Choose appropriate alumina ceramics according to different situations


The issue of industrial wear and tear has always been a troubling factor. Different devices have different wear conditions, and the specific degree is determined by their operating conditions. Suitable wear-resistant materials should be selected to solve the problem of equipment wear.

Nowadays, alumina ceramics have become a widely used wear-resistant material due to their high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. When choosing wear-resistant ceramics, the first thing to consider is the transportation method and working conditions of the materials. Generally, there are pneumatic transportation or material transportation methods with high impact force.

In pneumatic conveying systems, equipment is subjected to significant wear and tear, while the impact force is not significant. In this case, wear-resistant ceramics with high hardness should be considered to reduce equipment wear.

In the transportation of materials with a large drop, the impact force is greater. In this case, wear-resistant ceramics with better toughness should be selected to resist the impact of the materials. Secondly, it is necessary to consider the properties of the materials, their size, the angle of impact, and the operating temperature of the equipment.


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