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Alumina grinding balls


Alumina grinding balls are widely used in ceramic factories, refractory manufacturers, etc. At present, there is data that the goosesoft stone grinding balls are gradually being replaced. Grinding mud with pebbles + 10% alumina grinding ball (φ35mm) can shorten the grinding time by 15% compared with using pebbles alone; Use high alumina ball + 30% alumina grinding ball (φ35mm) to grind the mud. Compared to using only aluminum balls, the grinding time can be shortened by about 30%. On the basis of saving electricity costs, it can save the cost of using the alumina grinding ball for about 2 years. According to individual manufacturers' reports, all the original cobblestones have been replaced with alumina grinding balls, and the production is about three times the original.


Now, most cement plants have steel balls that were originally used, replaced by high-alloy balls that last longer. Therefore, grinding raw materials with alumina grinding balls not only saves electricity costs and improves output, but also improves the efficiency of machinery use, which has a great protective effect on machinery.

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